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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide Sales Leads? No, the primary responsibility of a contracted sales agent is business development. With a little imagination and you will be able to create unlimited sales leads

Why do I have to pay a start up fee? It would be impossible for us to contract with, teach, train, and mentor every individual that contacts us wishing to be a freight broker sales agent. The startup costs establish a barrier to entry, and allows the new sales agent to demonstrate a willingness to invest in themselves.

Is this a freight broker school? No, ADF Power Services is direct representative of Landstar. As a satellite sales agent you too will represent Landstar.

Where will the training take place? Your Landstar sales agent training will take place in your home on your schedule. Training is provided via recorded web based modules. Training modules may be view as many times as necessary.

Do you provide sales support? Yes. We could never train you in every possible scenario of truckload transportation. Inevitably your customers will ask you questions that will exceed your knowledge base. We want to ensure that you have every advantage to get the business. Our staff will work with you and your customer to assist in securing the business.

Can I hire employees? Yes, this is your business and you may hire as many staff members as you deem necessary to run your business effectively.

Do I need to have a toll free telephone number? No, all Landstar drivers are required to carry a cellular telephone. Toll free numbers are a thing of the past.

Am I responsible for paying drivers or carriers for hauling loads? No, this is considered back office support, and is not the responsibility of the satellite sales agent.

Will I be financially responsible for unpaid or uncollectible freight charges? No, this considered back office support, and is provided through ADF Power Services, and Landstar.

Do I need to have established relationships with trucking companies? No, the Landstar fleet consists of nearly 8,000 drivers, plus over 25,000 approved brokerage carriers.