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Freight Broker / Satellite Sales Agent

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Landstar Freight Broker Sales Agent.  Please read through the information contained within the site completely, and take a few minutes to watch the You Tube video above. 


Please do not call for more information until you have taken the time to read through the information provided.


The purpose of this website is to provide you with as much information about the Satellite Sales Agent position as possible, including job responsibilities, qualifications, equipment requirements, commission structure, as well as business costs and expenses.



Rob Napier, president of ADF Power Services is a direct representative, and a 16 year veteran of the Landstar Carrier Group, with career revenues that have exceeded over 40 million dollars of Landstar truck revenue.


The position of freight broker / sales agent is an independently contracted satellite sales agent, who works from home selling truckload transportation services on behalf of Landstar, and ADF Power Services.

This is a business opportunity, not a "job". You will own and operate your own independently contracted satellite sales office.


We will teach, train, and mentor you in the business of truckload transportation services. All of our training will be provided to you online via recorded web based training seminars. Each training module can be watched any number of times to ensure the new sales agent gets the most of the training. Rob Napier's office will be available to answer all of your questions before, during, and after the training process.




We do not overly qualify our sales agent applicants.  ADF Power Services has a firm belief in giving individuals an opportunity to achieve, that might otherwise not be available.


A background in the transportation industry, business to business sales, or previous business ownership is certainly helpful but not required. 


You need to be a good and effective communicator to clearly express yourself to prospective customers, and drivers.





Training is all completed online in your home or office, at your speed and on your schedule, and be completed in about 2 days.  Training can be repeated any number of times as needed to better familiarize yourself and your staff with the Landstar process. 


Duties and Responsibilities of a Sales Agent:

1) Develop sales leads of prospective shippers

2) Make sales calls and introduce yourself and Landstar to new customers

3) Provide rate quotes to your customers for upcoming truckloads

4) Post available load opportunity within the Landstar web based applications

5) Confirm and book your available load opportunity with drivers or carriers

6) Monitor on-time pickup and delivery





1) Personal Computer (laptop or desk top) Windows operating system not an Apple

2) Internet Service

3) Land line telephone, with unlimited long distance service is recommended, however some agents may choose to use cellular service.

4) Fax Machine, or electronic web based faxing service.




Business Training & Start Up Cost $250

It is simply impossible to teach, train, and mentor every individual that contacts us wanting to be a transportation freight broker. This fee is a relatively small amount of money but enough to demonstrate an individual’s seriousness to be in business.

In order to enter into a contract agreement, you will be required to satisfy the training and start up cost of $250.




ADF Power Services is not a FREIGHT BROKERAGE SCHOOL. You will represent the Landstar Carrier Group as an Independently Contracted Satellite Sales Agent of ADF Power Services.